Custom Applications

Collect any information you want, implement conditional logic to show different questions based on applicant type, or make your application accessible by invitation only.

Conditional Logic

Want to collect information from some of your applicants but not all of them? Use conditional logic to display certain questions only to specific applicants.

Image showing conditional logic enabled so the question only shows if the answer to the "Emerging Artist" question is "Yes."

Custom Medium Categories

Build as many—or as few—custom medium categories into your application as you want. Then filter by medium category when managing your applications or scoring applicants.

Flexible Question Types

With five versatile question types, build an application for any type of event.

Image Collection

Collect up to 13 high quality images with each application and require a booth shot from artists, if needed, to get a feel for how their work will look at your event.

Image of the artist side of ZAPP, where applicants and add images to their applications

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