Booth Management

Streamline your booth assignment process with the Booth Management add-on!

Two powerful tools in one great feature.

Booth Management comes with two innovative tools to help you manage booth assignments: Booth Requests and Booth Map

Booth Requests

Keep your artists’ interests in mind when creating your site layout and assigning booths!

→ Build a custom questionnaire to collect additional information. 

→ Prompt invited participants to submit their booth requests either before or after they purchase their booth product(s).

→ Reference participants’ answers when creating your booth assignments.

Booth Map

Visually assign booths using your own site map!

→ Upload your site map and assign booths with customizable pins.

→ Display the booth map to the public with a unique link and share it with artists and vendors to help spread the word about the event.

→ Booth assignments will appear in your embedded gallery to further help your marketing efforts.

ZAPP Booth Management illustrated approximation

Use Booth Management for Any Event

Activate Booth Management for just $100 per event, or $50 per event for two or more events.

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