Simple Communication

Email all applicants, tag or flag artists to send segmented messages, or send a single email to an applicant—right from ZAPP. Unlimited emails and, as you grow your event on ZAPP, send to past year’s applicants.

Gif of the Communication Tool, showing selecting a status and filtering by the tag "2020"

Email Current and Past Applicants

Select statuses to email, filter by tags or flagged applicants, and merge booth, jury, or waitlist information into your messages with our Communication tool. You can also email applicants from archived events—allowing you to easily promote your current event to past applicants.

Create Custom Templates

Have a custom jury invitation you use regularly? No problem! With ZAPP, you can create and save templates—or use one of ZAPP’s pre-made templates—to ensure maximum efficiency. Templates are retained in ZAPP year over year, so you’ll never have to start from scratch.

Image of the Communication Template Editor
Image of the artist citation page, showing a invitation that was sent to the artist through ZAPP

Review Email History

ZAPP stores a record of all emails you send to applicants through the system so you can review them easily. Simply visit the artist citation page for a specific applicant and review the Communication section to see exactly what you sent and when.

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